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6 Things to Consider Before Buying Your IKEA Stove

6 Things to Consider Before Buying Your IKEA Stove - Proline Range Hoods

IKEA stoves are great, affordable options for your kitchen. An IKEA stove will look great when paired with your range hood.

If you’re looking for a stove, you’re probably wondering what brand is the best option. There are thousands of different stoves out there. They vary in size, material, manufacturer, type (gas/electric), BTU output, and much more.

Head over to IKEA and save hours of time searching for the right stove for you. IKEA has a great variety of stoves.

We’ve looked through the IKEA stoves and identified some key pressure points for customers. Take a look at some valuable things to consider before buying the right IKEA stove for you.


The reviewers of IKEA stoves lauded their affordability. Their double stove was especially a favorite – a nice 2-in-1 deal!

One of their cheaper stoves, the Berömd range with a ceramic cooktop, works efficiently and has several great features: top and bottom heating, a warming setting, self-cleaning feature, and much more.

It’s not that impressive in terms of looks, but this is a trade-off you’ll have to think about.

Do you want to sacrifice the look of the stove in favor of affordability, or vice versa?


Another thing to consider is size. One reviewer loved this double stove because it could preheat so fast, and she loved to make baked goods. It was a perfect fit for her.

If you’re making food for several people though, you may need a larger stove. You might consider a single stove to maximize the amount of space inside the stove for your dishware.

Here are a few notes on the IKEA stoves available right now:

The BERÖMD stove is the smallest, but also the cheapest unit.

The NUTID stoves (gas and ceramic) is a great size given the price.

The double IKEA stoves will give you the most flexibility in terms of how much food you can cook at once. Depending on your cooking habits, especially if you like to use a toaster oven a lot, this double stove will work great for you

Single or Double IKEA Stove?

On the topic of single IKEA stoves, you can also think about a double stove! It allows for great flexibility since you can cook multiple meals at the same time.

The Betrodd double stove has a small stove at the top and a larger stove at the bottom which is really convenient! Reviewers LOVED this feature.

This same stove also comes with a gas cooktop – and the reviews weren’t much different! People loved how easy the small top oven was to use, and that they used it all the time!

One reviewer even replaced their toaster oven with this double IKEA stove – it’s a versatile choice for your kitchen.

If you cook smaller foods or food that requires a toaster oven very often, a double stove may be right for you.


The double stove mentioned above has several controls, including a ‘warming’ setting and a self-cleaning feature, which makes it a versatile option.

But one reviewer noted that since it’s a double stove, you may have to crouch or go on your knees to place and remove food from the oven.

Also, this particular oven (along with most double ovens) does not have a storage drawer at the bottom. You need room for the second oven, after all. So, if you want a double stove, keep in mind that your storage space will be limited.

People loved the high-heat produced by the gas cooktop of the NUTID IKEA stove, but one complained that the gas knobs are easily bumped and turned on by mistake, which can be dangerous.

This same stove also comes with a ceramic cooktop, and one reviewer loved its ease of use. It featured quick installation, the controls are straight forward, and the design is elegant.

Cleaning and Durability

Some reviewers had trouble cleaning the double stove. It has a glass stovetop; luckily, we have an article on this topic so you can keep your IKEA stove clean. Just look for the ‘How to Clean a Glass Stovetop’ Section!

Unlike the double stove, users had little trouble cleaning the NUTID stove! Several praised the product, loving how quick and easy it was to clean. One person noted that the stovetop grates are heavy, which makes the cleaning process a little bit of a hassle.

The NUTID also comes with a ceramic stovetop; this IKEA stove featured plastic parts and the ceramic stovetop, which scratched easily according to reviewers. It may be worth it for you to spend some extra money on a more durable stove, depending on your priorities.

The Look

You’ll also want to consider the look of your stove. You may notice that there’s a positive correlation between the look and the cost of your IKEA stove.

But sometimes this isn’t the case. The NUTID stove has a fun, unique look, with the knobs next to the burners rather than above the oven, but one 5-star reviewer absolutely loved the look in their new kitchen!

It was definitely the highlight of that product – and it’s IKEA’s most popular range.

Also, the look will differ depending on the type of IKEA stove you go with: single or double. So keep that in mind before purchasing!

There you have it! We reviewed the most popular stoves at IKEA. There are four others you can check out too, but keep in mind that they haven’t been reviewed by IKEA’s customers.

Hopefully, this article on choosing your IKEA stove top has been helpful. You can apply this to purchasing any type of stovetop, too – not just an IKEA stove!

With these tips, we hope you can find the right IKEA stove for you. Good luck!

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