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5 Best Netflix Programs to Inspire Your Next Project!

5 Best Netflix Programs to Inspire Your Next Project! - Proline Range Hoods

Have you ever devoted a massive amount of time on a project because you couldn't find inspiration? Has your creative fountain dried and you feel creatively exhausted? Don't worry, that happens to the best! For this reason, we compiled a go-to Netflix watch-list to relax and bring in some inspiration for your next project.

Netflix has an impressive number of people renovating houses. Those are usually full of inspiration for weird projects that feel like beyond repair. Most of them also have a backstory with a lot of drama, so it's perfect for those who love a good soap opera and are looking for motivation.

ABSTRACT: The Art of Design

This docu-series is going to blow your mind; there is a reason it was our first suggestion!

The documentary studies the impact of design and art around us and how leading professionals in their industry have revolutionized and transformed the landscape of what is possible. In other words, it follows legends that changed the world of design.
Abstract: The Art of Design | Official Trailer | Netflix

We suggest everyone watch all the episodes but there are two of them that can give a genuine inspiration for your projects:

Episode 4 introduces Swedish architect Bjarke Ingels and the projects he has created in Switzerland and New York. His creativity has changed the way people think about architecture and space. Besides, his projects have gotten much attention from international magazines and awards. A must-see if you are looking to get inspired by new spaces.

Episode 8 is about Ilse Crawford. Her concepts of interior design reformed the way and process of modern interior design. This is a must-watch to understand the mind of a revolutionary in the industry!


This is one of the coolest programs available on Netflix. Extravagant people with deep pockets who decided to build their own unique residences? SIGN ME UP!
TRAILER | Grand Designs

In this program, we follow Kevin McCloud as he visits extraordinary ambitious home-owners around the UK. The design of many of these houses will blow you away. This is an awesome program for those who dream high on projects.


This is an American reality television show on Netflix that focuses on homes with unusual interiors. The show's first season of 12 episodes was released on Netflix on July 20, 2018.
Amazing Interiors: Teaser

The show's premise revolves around finding and showcasing homes that, despite their ordinary exterior appearance, have unique, custom interiors. The show often features homes that double as part-time museums, rooms where the owners do not actively live, such as basements, garages, a hockey fan cave, a bunker, and a backyard roller coaster.


Homeowners renting out rooms, or their entire abodes, to short-term renters is becoming an increasingly common alternative to vacationers staying at hotels. But the properties need to offer unique features or amenities for the property owners to maximize their earnings.
Stay Here | Official Trailer | Netflix

On "Stay Here," designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer show property owners how they can turn their rentals into moneymaking showstoppers.


One of the most relevant architects alive show the newest trends in home building and architecture. This program is awesome for inspiration but also to recognize new trends in houses like smart products, environmentally friendly spaces, and minimalist projects.
On the edge of a cliff : inside the extraordinary Norwegian summer house - BBC

This property series follows architect Piers Taylor and actress and property enthusiast Caroline Quentin as they discover the world's most extraordinary abodes. The pair travels far and wide -- across mountains, through forests, along coasts and deep underground to find unique properties.

Other good programs:

Find it. Fix it. Flog it

In this series, Henry Cole and Simon O'Brien travel across the UK to find unique items lost in people's homes. Using creative thinking and elbow grease, they fix them up to turn a profit for their owners.

Charlie Luxton’s Homes by the sea

Architectural designer Charlie Luxton embarks on a nationwide journey to visit some of Britain's best homes by the sea and find out what makes the perfect coastal property. Watch these two seasons and visit with him spectacular and quirky homes throughout the Channel Islands, Scotland, Northern Ireland and more.

Small is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary

Among the most exotic new trends that are taking the architecture and interior design world is the concept of tiny houses. This documentary talks about the origin of this trend, it follows the lives of four people who live in self-built tiny houses and how impacts their lives. This documentary explores the extremes that people go through to save money and diminish their carbon print.

There are a lot of good programs on every platform; it is good to do research to find out which programs are the best.

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