Why You Need a 54" Range Hood for Your 48" Range

A 48” range produces a lot of heat and smoke. These ranges are built for the at-home chef, but a range by itself isn’t enough. Your kitchen will fill with unpleasant cooking odors quickly if you don’t have proper ventilation, and they can linger for days.
The number one thing you can do to ensure you have adequate ventilation is to have the right size range hood. The visual above shows how a 54” range hood provides you with optimal coverage of your 48” cooktop. A 54” range hood or vent hood is ideal for your 48” range for a number of reasons:
  • Complete coverage of your cooking fumes
  • Sufficient power to vent grease and smoke from your cooking out of your home
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Increased life of your range or vent hood
  • Less frequent maintenance of your range or vent hood, your walls, ceiling, and other surfaces in your kitchen
  • Comfortable and cool kitchen space

While a 48” or smaller vent hood allows grease and dirt to escape into the surrounding area, a 54” vent hood will cover your 48” range entirely and capture all the unwanted cooking exhaust. Cooking produces a lot of heat as well, but a 54” range hood will vent the hot air outside your home, keeping the kitchen nice and cool. Your cooktop, walls, countertops, and ceiling will remain grease-free, too. As an added bonus, your kitchen air will be clean and fresh.

Consider a 60” range hood!

If you really want to make sure you are covered, a 60” range hood ensures even more so that you will capture the cooking fumes from your 48” range. The most serious cooks appreciate the added ability to move air quietly out of their space while cooking. And nothing says you are a serious cook like the proper ventilation.
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