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7 Practical Patio Furniture Ideas

7 Practical Patio Furniture Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

Whether you’ve got a large or small outdoor space, you can easily create a lovely atmosphere with the right patio furniture. There are plenty of options, from just a simple table and chairs to barstools, couches, lounge chairs, and loveseats.

We’ll go over seven practical patio furniture ideas to upgrade your outdoor space. You’ll keep you and your family comfortable all summer long.

Outdoor Table and Chairs

The most important part of your outdoor kitchen, a table and chairs, is the first piece of patio furniture you need to consider. It’s best to make sure the patio furniture reflects your outdoor space and your personality. Some may go more traditional while others go lavish. Here are some different styles!

Table and chairs - patio furniture ideas

This simple setup features four chairs and a glass table with a beautiful frame. Sitting right next to the fireplace and a gorgeous stone chimney, the color combinations are clearly in line here.

Table with orange chairs

Talk about comfort! Enjoy your brunch afternoon snack, and late night drinks on these comfy chairs. The outdoors are a great place to experiment with colors, so why not go bold with a blood orange?

People around fire pit

There’s no center table here, but this firepit on a backyard porch sends the camping feeling home. Just look at that view! A little side table holds the wine while the crew gathers around the fire to tell stories and reminisce the day.

Bar Stools

If you’ve got an island in your outdoor kitchen, bar stools are a great addition. Just like the table and chairs, there are many options for your barstools.

If you can match the colors and materials to your table and chairs, you’ll have a great-looking and cohesive kitchen. There are plenty of styles to choose from, including short backs, highbacks, and stools without backs.

bar stools

If inviting your friends over for drinks is your game, then this is your field of play. Invite five of your closest friends or family members to join you at this wonderful barrel hightop, complete with padded bar stools.

Table with bar stools

Perhaps rustic bar stools with backs are more your style. In that case, take a seat at the bar and sit back while you chat away with the bartender. Nothing too fancy here and that’s what makes it charming!


Is there a better piece of patio furniture to add to your outdoor kitchen than a couch? Couches are perfect for sitting back, sipping a glass of wine with friends and family, and watching the grillmaster put on a show at the barbecue.

There are plenty of styles to choose from here, and essentially any couch or pair of couches can fit into your outdoor kitchen with careful consideration. Try to choose couches that have tough outdoor material.

Some of the material is made for easy cleaning, and others can be stripped off the pillows and easily washed in your washing machine. Ease of use is important!

White couch, chair and ottoman

These couches were made for lazy days spent at home. The color schemes are inline and that oh-so-perfect golden hour light hits all the right spots. This looks like a little slice of paradise right here!

To match the style and color, look for patio furniture sets when shopping for your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor patio with furniture

These couches are made for intimate talking. They’re also incredibly functional! They have little cubbies on either side of the couch, and behind the couch to set down food, drinks, and the rocks your friend’s kids collect for you to see.

Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs are a great addition to a couple of couches or a great replacement if you want to keep your outdoor space smaller and contained. The nice thing about lounge chairs is you’ll have such a wide variety of styles to choose from.

You can have a nice, tropical-looking outdoor kitchen, a rugged mountain cabin duo of chairs, or some posh chairs seen in a James Bond film.

Combine your couches and single lounge chairs for the ultimate fire gathering setup. This patio furniture sure looks comfy. The contrast between the black frame and the tan pillows perfectly matches the ambience this outdoor kitchen gives. With dark tiling and a beautiful autumn forest, we’d say these designers nailed the color scheme!


Loveseats for indoor use are essentially small couches. But, for the great outdoors, they get a whole makeover. They don’t have to be a rectangular space for two people. Often they’ll have some flowing personality. Some are designed as rectangles while others are squares or circles.

Loveseat with cushions

Here’s a loveseat for you! This 8-shaped loveseat is a beauty for this outdoor space. If you’re looking to add a unique piece of furniture for your backyard, look for something like this. A wicker build topped with a comfy mattress and pillows is just what this outdoor patio needed.

Two circular couches with cushions

Here are two nice loveseats for you and your best friends. These large circle loveseats sit on top of beautiful grass, and share a small table. This outdoor setup is perfect for sharing food and drinks over lovely conversation!

Loveseat with wicker cover

Do you want a little privacy in your outdoor kitchen, but not too much seclusion? Well, we’ve got a piece for you! This beehive piece is as beautiful as it is peculiar. It looks like a comfy place to take a nap in the outdoors and is packed with pillows galore. We count ten; shall we have a pillow fight?

Additional Patio Furniture

Now that we’re done sitting down on some patio furniture, it’s time to look at places where we put our drinks and food. Here are a couple more ideas for dining tables (see also our favorite boho ideas for dining rooms).

Coffee Table

A large coffee table is essential! If you’ve got any combo of couches, lounge chairs, and loveseats, a coffee table is a great way to fill that L-shaped or U-shaped hole. Perfect for setting down appetizers, main courses, drinks, and the random sticks and rocks your nephew brings from the garden.

Outdoor deck with couches, chairs, and small table

This coffee table matches the other patio furniture! It’s large enough to set down a lovely charcuterie board while the grill master cooks up something special for dinner. The beautiful lush backdrop just adds to the ‘wow’ factor.

Two couches and a table

Here’s another great coffee table! This follows the same theme as the photo above – just a different color scheme and layout.

Grill and outdoor couches on a deck

This is the grillmaster’s perfect setup. Imagine kicking back your feet while executing a 10-hour rib smoke. Or, taking a few breaks to sit down and enjoy some refreshments while you cook some steaks or burgers. We love this patio!

Side Table

These tables are great to connect the dots from couch to chair to couch and coffee table. They don’t have to be big, but they can be! Adding a few of these to your patio furniture collection will help finish up your fully-functional outdoor kitchen. You can find simple tables or tables with storage underneath, whether they’re hinged doors or racks below.

Outdoor fire pit with chairs on patio

With a permanent fire pit in the middle, these circular side tables are perfect in this outdoor space. Invite your friends to enjoy a nice and cozy evening.

Two small chairs

Sometimes, all you need is your best friend and your best pot of tea. This pondering spot is minimalist but functional. Two people, two cups, one pot. No more, no less!

No kitchen is complete without a table and chairs. Outdoor kitchens take that a step further! The beauty of these masterpieces is the variety of outdoor patio furniture for lounging, eating, and drinking.

Are you inspired yet? Are you ready to relax on some comfy outdoor furniture! We sure hope so!

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