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9 Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends in 2024

9 Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends in 2024 - Proline Range Hoods

Feeling inspired after reading our article on the 10 DIY Projects to Modernize Your Kitchen? Let’s refresh your kitchen with a new set of colored cabinets. But before you run off to the home improvement store, we’ll go over which paint options will leave your kitchen looking modern for years to come.

Impress your friends with these bold cabinet color picks that are sure to have your kitchen on the cover of Architectural Digest. Or send us a kitchen photo with your Proline Range Hood for a chance to win cash in our photo contest. Let’s get right into nine of the hottest kitchen cabinet color trends of 2022.

1. Neutral, Mushroom, Taupe….The Colors Formally Known as Beige

Beige and its close family of colors, neutral, mushroom, taupe, eggshell, etc, are always a popular color for cabinetry. These are colors for those who want something other than white, but still want a reserved look. Your guests will be impressed but not blown away.

The beige family works in any size of kitchen; like white, it makes the room feel bigger. They also look great on a variety of cabinet styles, so they’re a good option if you’re repainting older cabinets. Pair with a black or white countertop like the one in the photo above and you have a clean inoffensive look.

2. Grayish Greens

Gray-ish greens are another popular but subtle cabinet color choice in 2022. While beige can go with almost any aesthetic, these greens are for those who have a bit more color direction for the kitchen.

They’re still light, modern, and space enlarging but you’ll need to be more specific in color matching the rest of the kitchen. This family of greens are best paired with other light natural colors – for instance, a light wood countertop and white accenting.

3. Earthy Greens

Now, let’s get into cabinet color trends that are more on the bleeding edge of kitchen interior design.

Beautiful heavy earthy dark greens have become a popular choice for those who want to take a departure from the standard “light and airy” kitchen. The color is best used in larger kitchens but it’s so daring and beautiful that you shouldn’t be afraid to try it in a smaller space.

Green kitchens look wonderful in farmhouse-inspired and rustic kitchens. You can go light or dark with the countertops but natural wood accents are a must!

4. Natural Wood

We know. We know. In our 10 DIY Projects to Modernize Your Kitchen article, we emphasized how natural wood cabinets are way outdated. But we’re not talking about the natural wood in your grandmother's kitchen. Natural wood is making a comeback but in modern designed cabinetry with clean sharp edges.

If you’re thinking about the natural wood in the photo above, please don’t.

5. Black and White

Black and white kitchens are timeless and striking. Most designers have the bottom cabinets black, to ground the space, and the top cabinets white, to keep the space open and airy.

The black and white scheme can work in a variety of configurations too. You don't have to stop at colored cabinets. You can do all black cabinets and white accent appliances, like the one above, or vice versa. Whatever configuration you choose, will leave your kitchen ultra-stylish and modern.

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6. Blue

Blue cabinets are one of my personal favorite color choices. They’re bold but stately. Classic but modern. They bring an air of grandiose to the humblest of kitchens.

Pair blue cabinets with gold or white accents to create a five-star french kitchen in your own home. But why stop there? Consider adding a modern or unique backsplash to finish off the look.

7. Two-Tone

Similar in principle to the black and white cabinet color scheme, mixed color two-tone cabinetry is popular in today’s kitchens. In a similar fashion, darker colors are used on the bottom cabinets while lighter colors are used on the upper cabinets. A muted tone countertop blends the space beautifully.

8. Tri-Tone

Tri-toned cabinetry is one of the newest trends in kitchen design. Similar to the two-tone color scheme but the countertop also provides an element of contrast.

Beware though, this look is not for every kitchen. If you have a smaller kitchen you may want to skip this trend. Too many contrasting colors in a small area could make a kitchen look cobbled together.

Larger kitchens allow the colors to stretch out a bit more. Additionally, the scheme looks most complete when appliances match the bottom color. If you’re completely renovating your kitchen or you already have colored appliances give this look a try. When done properly, this look can be the bleeding edge of kitchen design.

Honorable Mention


White will always be one of the most popular colors for kitchen cabinets. White makes small kitchens look massive and large kitchens downright opulent. It can be modern, it can be classical. It can do it all.

9 Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends in 2022

There you go: 9 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends In 2022

Hopefully, you found inspiration in our 9 kitchen cabinet color trends. We covered everything from neutral colors to the boldest of the bold.

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