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18 Fall Family Room Decor Ideas

18 Fall Family Room Decor Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

We’re continuing our series this fall on home decor. Now, we’re moving into one of the coziest rooms in the house: the family room!

Growing up, the family room was the spot in the house that always had the craziest, fanciest, and most outgoing decor options around.

From decking out our candles with fall foliage to breaking out the Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations, it always seemed like fall in my house. Not to mention the changing leaves of the maple and birch trees in my backyard.

Let’s get into some Pinterest-worthy decor ideas and give you some inspiration this fall season.

Foliage in a Jar

Fall foliage in a jar - Fall Family Room Decor Ideas

One of my mother’s favorite things to do in fall was to put fall foliage into vases. It’s cute, simple, and with the right vase, can look quite elegant!

If you live in an area with fantastic foliage, you can clip some small branches off for the real effect. Put some water in the vase or jar to keep them alive a little longer.

October Fireplace

Are you glad you live in a place where fall exists? While it may not be prominent in Florida or Arizona, fall in the mountains or New England comes alive.

This fireplace is decked out with some beautiful decor! The sign above the fireplace is a large centerpiece for the family room. Then, there are small pumpkins, branches in jars, and some firewood. Practical and beautiful!

Basket Boats, Pumpkins, and Large Farmhouse Clocks

A good farmhouse clock is the centerpiece here. There’s a large fall themed boat, filled with pumpkins, pinecones, wheat and leaves. The candles on the fireplace mantle are a nice touch. Check out the colors, too!

Jars of Wheat

Fall vase with grains

A simple bundle of wheat can spruce up your furniture during fall. Two vases rest on this shelf, filled with some goodies from the outdoors. The all white walls and vase provide a nice contrast to the earthy browns and tans.

Change Those Pillows!

These vibrant pillows work well to spice up the family room couch a little bit. Adding in a plaid throw blanket, a welcome sign behind the couch, and some fall scented candles will definitely do the trick!

Pumpkins, Jars, and Pillows, Oh My!

Pumpkins, jars, and pillows are quite easy to add into your space. Most grocery stores sell pumpkins at pretty reasonable prices if you want the real deal. Or you can save your bucks and get some faux pumpkins at your local retailer.

While you’re there, see if they have a collection of jars or vases. These can be quite beautiful for colorful branches, fall flowers, and cinnamon sticks. Add in some decorative pillows and curl up with your hot chocolate.

The Beach House Decor

White fall vase

Chances are, if you’re spending fall by the beach, you’re not going to see a lot of changing colors. So, why not grab a vase shaped like a shell and do your very best to get into the spirit of autumn! Place this on your TV stand or by your side tables to add some flair to your beach house.

The Cozy Chair By The Fire

We all want this seat in October, don’t we? The comfy, cozy chair right by the fire. Complete with a throw blanket, beautiful cushions and pillows, and a few pumpkins by the fireplace, this spot doesn’t get much better!

The Witch Surprise

Pumpkins and a witch costume

Seeing this reminds me of my childhood. My mother used to dress up as a witch for Halloween to hand out the candy to the neighborhood kids, and she has a really solid witch cackle, too.

It was actually kind of haunting….but, any witch needs to hang up their garments every once in a while, right? All we need now is a Nevermore raven and a black cat….

The Decorations of a Proper Estate

Living in a nicer home may entertain some different kinds of decor options. The mantle is just a joy: candles flank the outside, a jar of fall branches stands tall, and a centerpiece detailing different kinds of brooms sits in the middle.

Small brooms hang down around the fireplace, with pillows fluffing the couch to maximum comfiness. Make sure you add a few fall themed coffee table books. Maybe a crockpot recipe book?

The Interior Designer Blogger’s Home

In the last example, we showed a toned down family room and fireplace. Here is the exact opposite, and what I am calling the “Interior Designer’s Home”. I mean, just look at it!

Not only is the fireplace structure gorgeous in itself, but the decor surrounding it just adds so much comfort. From fall foliage leaves to pumpkins and pillows, everything about this is a big giant win.

The lantern is a good touch, and something we haven’t seen quite yet in a family room. The coffee mug and book just add that tender, fall experience we are all secretly (or not so secretly) craving!

A Spare Vase

Fall vase with orange flowers

If you have an extra vase lying around, make sure you put it to good use! I often like to pick out downed spruces in winter and springtime, and perhaps this is the year I pick out some downed branches with fall leaves.

Here, a beautiful display of fall flowers sits in a vase on top of a table. This is the perfect addition to your full family room spread!

Pumpkin Patch of Your Dreams

What more do you need? Apples, ciders (and cider donuts), and hayrides sound like a great time to me! This beautiful mantle is joined by a flowing foliage garland and some white pumpkins. Make sure you make your couch comfy with some themed throw blankets and pillows! The pumpkin one is so cute!

Stack It High!

Small pumpkins on a windowsill

Have a spare window sill and bookshelf? Stack it high with pumpkins! Not much else to say here. You could also frame your windows with foliage garlands, similar to how people frame their doorways with evergreen garlands for Christmas.

Bohemian Fall Festival

This boho style family room is getting into the fall spirit in a big way! Check it out: a fireplace filled with wood, pumpkins in front and on the mantle, and some beautiful throw pillows. Top that off with some vases of wheat and fall flowers, and you’ve matched your bohemian energy in the spirit of fall. That rug is also giving us some massive fall vibes!

Jack O'Lantern Glory

Jack o lantern on a windowsill

October is also about carving pumpkins into Jack O’Lanterns, right? If you’ve got a spare pumpkin or two you want to stay indoors, this is a great option for you.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Mantle

This quote on this large mantle centerpiece is one of our favorite things about this family room. He’s got some good sayings, doesn’t he!

A lantern lays to the right, joined by some pumpkins on stands, as well as a vase with, you guessed it, fall foliage! A large lazy susan sits on the coffee table with a big white pumpkin at its center.

Hayrides, Caramel Apples, and Cider

Talk about an exquisite setup here! It all begins at the top, and unfolds at the bottom. That beautiful sign is an attention grabber, and the decor built up around it and in front of it helps sell it even more. I almost want to purchase my ticket now! The candles, the foliage, and the colors all come together beautifully with the wooden moulding. At the bottom lies a chest full of fall goodies, including a blanket holding pumpkins, fall berries, and wheat. This would be hard to recreate!

That wraps up our fall home decor ideas for your family room. Hopefully you found this article helpful and got some inspiration along the way!

If you haven’t been following along our fall decor themed journey, check out our other articles. We have one on 41 fall kitchen decor ideas, and another on 14 fall porch ideas. Transform your home into fall before it’s too late!

Happy fall, and happy decorating!

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