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10 Best Concrete Countertop Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

10 Best Concrete Countertop Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kitchen - Proline Range Hoods

Everybody wants to take pride in their kitchen. After all, you’re going to spend a lot of time cooking there, occasionally eating, and showing it off to guests and neighbors!

As a result, you’ll want to make sure that your kitchen is well designed, with plenty of stylish features and a sophisticated color scheme.

A great place to start is by having one of Proline's stylish Range Hoods installed, but you’ll need a kitchen that’s equally elegant. A key feature of your kitchen, of course, is the countertop, and one of the best ways to have some supremely stylish countertops is by getting concrete ones.

Our handy guide below has the 10 best concrete countertop ideas to spruce up your kitchen! Whatever your style preferences and tastes, you’ll surely find concrete countertop designs in our list that you love. Read on!

10 Best Concrete Countertop Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

1. Dark Gray Concrete Countertop With Wooden Cabinets

We’re starting our list off with an extremely visually-appealing combination of a dark gray concrete countertop and wooden cabinets. The sleek smoothness of the concrete looks extremely elegant, and its dark gray color pairs perfectly with wooden cabinets.

Obviously, not everybody will have wooden cabinets! But if you do, then having dark gray concrete countertops will contrast beautifully with them.

Better still, you can find a dark gray concrete countertop that isn’t entirely pure. By this we mean that it isn’t one solid shade, rather a range of different shades subtly blending together.

For example, the picture shows a concrete countertop that has a distinctly smoky quality to it, with subtle swirling patterns of dark grays and lighter grays. The overall color is dark gray, but there’s variations within it, and this gives your countertop a real texture that will get people talking.

2. White Concrete Countertop

On the other hand, having a purely white concrete countertop is a fantastic way to make a stylish statement with your kitchen.

By being pure white, your concrete countertop will stand out especially well, thanks to its brightness and purity. Such a large slab of dazzling whiteness is hard to ignore in all the best ways!

On top of that, it gives your kitchen a very sleek, modern look. There’s something almost minimalist about a pure white concrete countertop, with its bright simplicity.

On top of this, you can combine the white concrete countertop with strong contrasting colors in order to make it stand out even more. For example, if you have your cabinets in black, then it’ll clash and contrast with the countertops, giving the kitchen an even more stylish feel.

3. Concrete Countertop And Concrete Floor

Another great idea for your kitchen’s concrete countertop is to pair it with a concrete floor. If you think about how sleek and smooth concrete can look as your countertops, then it’s surely a great match for your floor, giving it all the sophistication and smoothness you could want.

When it comes to kitchen design, synchronicity can be your friend, and pairing a concrete countertop with a concrete floor is a great way to give your kitchen a sense of stylish unity.

Your countertop will practically blend into the floor, as if this key feature of the kitchen is simply an extension of the kitchen as a whole, with everything connected. Put simply, it’s innovative and stylish, as well as being quite minimalist too!

4. Burnt Orange Concrete Countertop

Of course, you can have your concrete countertop in all kinds of colors - it doesn’t just have to be grays and whites. For example, orange is a particularly great color for you to pick for your countertops, because it’s so bold and striking.

An orange concrete countertop will liven up any kitchen, giving it an injection of fiery color. Orange is a color that simply pops - it isn’t a shade that will ever blend into the background. As a result, it’s a great choice for kitchens that want to stand out.

Better still, you can pair the orange concrete countertop with different colors elsewhere in your kitchen. For example, if you have an overwhelmingly white kitchen, with white cabinets and features, then they’ll clash perfectly with an orange concrete countertop.

5. Concrete Countertop With Chiseled Stone Edge

Our next pick for a great concrete countertop that will spruce up your kitchen is one that has a chiseled stone edge. You may have seen this before in some kitchens, but it’s a design style that should be even more popular than it is!

Why? Well, the chiseled stone edge basically gives the concrete countertop a rugged, natural feeling, with rough and uneven concrete all around the edge.

This is a far cry from the smooth concrete countertops you know! The top is still smooth, of course, but the edges are all haphazard and uneven. Don’t worry, though, this is not a design that will look unfinished - it’s clear that it’s a firm design choice.

It gives your kitchen an authentic, practical feeling, as if you’ve just found this slab of concrete outside and placed it down in your kitchen.

Rugged and rustic, this is a concrete countertop that will attract attention!

6. Blue Concrete Countertop

A fabulously stylish and colorful choice for your kitchen, the gray-blue concrete countertop is a sight to behold. A countertop of solid blue concrete is sure to make a statement piece in your kitchen without becoming too bright and bold. This blue color is understated yet beautiful.

The gray-blue color is very trendy at the moment, not to mention that it’s extremely peaceful! In fact, it almost looks like some calming waters in a tropical vacation spot. Who doesn’t want that escapism when they’re in the kitchen?

7. Concrete And Glass Countertop

This next pick is certainly unique, and it has a very artistic feeling to its elegant design. This looks like something that you’d find in an art gallery!

This countertop combines both concrete and glass to astonishing, stylish effect. Rather than an equal balance of the two materials, as you might have guessed, this countertop is largely concrete - but with a few slits of colored glass on the end.

It’s an incredibly easy way to spruce up a concrete countertop, but one that makes a big difference. The trio of small glass slits on the end give texture to the countertop, and offer a pleasing contrast in colors too, the glass’ calming blue clashing with the light gray concrete,

8. Solid Black Concrete Countertop

Of course, you can’t go wrong with having a solid black concrete countertop. Although you can get black countertops in all kinds of designs, with swirls and flecks on them to give them extra style and texture, it’s always a good idea to simply go pure black.

Black is already a bold, strong color that will stand out anywhere in your kitchen. By having a countertop that’s pure black, without any patterns or other colors, it makes the color even bolder and stronger.

Better still, you can embolden the color even further by changing the color of the rest of your kitchen. For example, if you’ve got white cabinets, then they’ll contrast brilliantly with the solid black countertop.

Black and white is a great color scheme that makes any kitchen look sleek, minimalist, and interesting!

9. Speckled Concrete Countertop

Another great idea for a concrete countertop is this design that has a speckled pattern flowing across it.

The speckled pattern is made up of all kinds of different shapes and colors, with a variety of neutral colors giving it texture and depth. From a distance the counter looks gray, but up close there are many more colors to marvel at.

Simple and dreamy, this concrete countertop design is sure to get compliments whenever you have someone over!

10. Green Concrete Countertop

Our final pick is this elegant, sophisticated green concrete countertop!

Green is a brilliant color for countertops and kitchen features. For a start, it’s calming and has an outdoor-type feel to it, looking lush like grass or vegetation. On top of that, green also feels very elegant, perhaps because of emeralds and the sophistication that they bring.

Of course, there are all different shades of green that you can have your concrete countertop colored in, but we like this subtle, mossy green that’s peaceful and subdued.

Bring the outside in with a lush green concrete countertop! For bonus style points, have some green plants in your kitchen to complement it.

Final Thoughts

A concrete countertop is a fantastic way to bring style to your kitchen - use our guide for the best concrete countertop designs!

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