Range Hoods: The Secret Addition For A Beautiful Kitchen

Range Hoods: The Secret Addition For A Beautiful Kitchen

Vent hoods to some, may seem like they are not the most “glamorous” part of kitchen design.  Many do not even understand the importance or benefits of having a range hood in their own homes regardless of the safety codes and regulations that have been made in some states. However, now interior designers and house professionals are considering  range hoods to be a crucial investment for any kitchen space as they are considering these appliances to be not only the powerful force behind having fresh clean air, but also a really beautiful showpiece in the kitchen.

Range Hoods are The Statement Pieces In Any Kitchen

We have shared some of our favorite kitchen spaces where the range hood truly makes the space more beautiful. Designers are calling range hoods the “trophy,” “the statement piece,” and the “superstar of the kitchen,” and we couldn’t agree more.

stainless steel range hoods blue tile backsplash

( Image Credit: MckinLey Architects )

white_traditional_kitchen_gray_blue_accents_custom range hoods _cover_insert_hood copy

( Image Credit: Home Bunch )

range hoods stainless-steel-proline-36-inch-vent-hood

( Image Credit: BHG  )

stainless-steel- range hoods

( Image Credit: SF Gate )

stainless-steel- range hoods -yellow-barstools-white-kitchen

( Image Credit:  Alys Design )

Range Hoods Provide Both Beauty and Function

There is nothing worse than an appliance that comes with no aesthetics or appeal, made merely to get the job done, yet completely unattractive. A range hood should be both functional and and beautiful, and below we have shared some of our favorite customer kitchens featuring some of our Proline hoods that we believe to be exactly this –both appealing & powerful.




red_kitchen_stainless_steel_ range hoods _30_inch_wall_hood_contemporary_kitchen_appliances_pendant_lighting_darkwood_cabinets
Real Customer Kitchen Featuring the Proline PLFW 750 Stainless Steel Wall Range Hood  Interior Design by: Chad Falkenberg Falken Reynolds
proline-glass-island- range hoods - proline - customer-white-kitchen
Real Customer Kitchen Featuring the Proline PLFI 544 Stainless Island Mount Range Hood
Real Customer Kitchen Featuring the Proline PROVI Stainless Steel Island Mount Range Hood
stainless-steel-wall-mount-range hoods PLFW520-Proline
Real Customer Kitchen Featuring the Proline PLFW 520 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood.


Stainless Steel: The Design Trend That’s Here to Stay

It official, stainless steel appliances are holding firm. Don’t worry that your stainless fridge is going to be a heavy outdated monster in a few years, or that your range hood needs a custom cover to match your cabinets, because a whopping 75 percent of those who surveyed in a recent Houzz study were going with stainless for their new appliances in their updated kitchens. (White came in at 10 percent and black at 8 percent.) This is a solid design trend, that will remain to stay sophisticated & beautiful for years to come.

stainless-steel range hoods-and-appliances

( Image Credit:  Interior Charm )

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We hope you’ve found this post to be helpful. A range hood, does not need to be just a hood fan..

Pick the right hood for your kitchen, and it will surely add that major design punch and powerful function that you have been wanting.

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