How To Properly Clean Your Range Hood Filters | Vent Hood Cleaning Tips

Properly Cleaning Your Range Hood 

Do you know how to clean your range hood filters? Do you know how to properly care for your stove cooker hood? Having a range hood fan while cooking is surely a nice addition to have in your kitchen. Your hood fan is there to reduce lingering odors, toxic chemicals, smoke, grease, and sweep the air clean. This is why it is very important to clean your range hood filters regularly. This will help keep your exhaust hood running at peak performance.  Making sure you know how to properly clean your vent hood, and taking the time to clean your range hood filters regularly, will be something you will thank yourself for later. Below are some tips on how to turn this messy job into an easy one.

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Step #1 For Vent Hood Cleaning : Cleaning Range Hood Filters

At Proline Range Hoods, many of our vent hoods come with dishwasher-safe honeycomb filters or dishwasher-safe baffle filters. This is something our customers commonly mention they greatly appreciate. Filter cleaning that has once been thought of as a tedious chore, may actually be quite simple if your filters are dishwasher safe.

The question of whether or not you will be able to wash your filters in your dishwasher will depend on the quality of stainless steel or metal your filters are made out of, and how dirty your filters are before cleaning. If you have not cleaned your range hood filters in a while, you should probably consider cleaning them by hand before trying to clean them in the dishwasher.  If this is you we are talking about, below is a stove cooker hood cleaning mixture to use for cleaning your hood filters by hand. We assure you this cleaning mixture not only works, but it works extremly well.

Range Hood Filter Cleaning Mixture (Grease Eliminator)

What You Will Need


  • 1/2 Cup of Baking Soda
  • Dawn dish soap (Or any other soap that is a degreaser)
  • Boiling or Very Hot Water
  • Scrub brush or Double Textured Sponge (Nothing too coarse to prevent scratching)
  • Paper Towels or Dish Towels


  • Remove the filters from the hood: Most filters should easily slide or pop out of the underside of the hood. If you have honeycomb filters, you will usually find a  metal loop to push the filter up and slide it out. Baffle filters normally slide out.
  • Fill a big pot or a large bucket with hot water. When cleaning, the closer to boiling you can get the water, the more effective this will be.  You can also boil water in a large pot, and pour it in the sink to clean your filters, it this is easier for you.
  • Pour in the baking soda following with a few squirts of dish soap in the water. Stir this in with your scrub brush or with a spoon and try to avoid getting burnt. Stir until you have made a  soapy mixture.
  • Place your filters in water. Make sure to completely cover your greasy range hood filters into the water.
  • Let the filters soak of 10 -15 minutes to help release the grease and extra residue.
  • Start to scrub the filters with your scrub brush in a circular motion. If you only have a sponge, please make sure the water is cooled down enough before you place your hands in the water. It may not be a bad idea to use rubber gloves. Add more dish soap if needed.
  • Rinse and dry the range hood filters. However, make sure to rinse the stove cooker filters thoroughly in hot water first. After you have rinsed each filter, dry them with with a paper towel or dish towel.
  • Replace your clean range hood filters. Repeat this process as needed. It is a good idea to try to clean your range hood filters at least once a month to keep your exhaust hood working properly.

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Step #2 For Vent Hood Cleaning : Cleaning The Outside Of Your Range Hood

We are aware that cooking can get really messy. It is common to find grease, water marks, and food spots on the outside of your vent hood. Exterior vent hood cleaning is something you may want to keep up on daily or even weekly, and that is usually not a problem as this is much simpler to do than cleaning your range hood filters.

The outside of your stove cooker hood may be cleaned with a standard household cleaner or a degreaser. A very common choice of cleaner for many household owners is warm soapy water which works great on just about any surface. If your exhaust hood comes with push button controls, make sure to scrub more gently as you work your way around the buttons. If you have a glass range hood, use a standard glass cleaner. For a stainless steel hood, finish by polishing with a dry microfiber cloth, moving your hand in the direction of the grain.

How Many Times Should You Clean Your Range Hood?

As mentioned, make sure to keep up on cleaning your range hood filters at least once a month to keep your vent hood in the best condition. Also, it is recommended to clean the exterior of your range hood once a day or once a week at the very minimum. We hope you found this range hood cleaning information to be helpful. If you properly care for your range hood, we assure you that your home will not only feel more fresh and clean, but you will also save yourself many head aches and extra filter replacements down the road.

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