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16 Amazing Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

16 Amazing Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it’s time to think about gathering your relatives into your home.

No matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving, you’ll need kitchen table decor that’s warm and enticing.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite Thanksgiving table decor ideas, as well as centerpieces and place settings all in this post. You’ll see color matching, styles, and props, so sit back and get ready to scroll through some beautiful Thanksgiving ideas!

Starting Off Right

Thanksgiving Table Setup - Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

You’ll want to have a good, solid centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table, and this piece above is one of our favorites.

A cake platter is repurposed for the season, with pumpkins, pinecones, gourds, and a little bit of pine branches and holly to signify the coming Christmas season. Below the stand is a string of leaves, with high candles completing the look. And, the tablecloth matches the entire look effortlessly.

Plaid, Pumpkins, and Goblets

How’s this for a tablescape? There’s so much to digest here. The plaid tablecloth starts the energy off, and is nicely concealed by the rest of the table!

The place settings are simple, with goblets replacing your regular glasses. A centerpiece of pumpkins, foliage, candles, and nuts brings the table more character. Perhaps lay off the nuts if you have allergies!

The Minimalist Style

Plate with fake plant, gray napkin, and Thankful note

Thanksgiving is about the food and the family, so why go overboard when it’ll all go into disarray anyways? For that, we love this simple etup. A small blooming branch, with a tag over a napkin on a plate.

Does it get easier than this? Probably not! If you want a little more pizazz, add a one or two-colored tablecloth.

Go Big or Go Home

Yeah, this centerpiece display is a little mind blowing. Talk about a time-consuming activity!

If you’re able to pull something like this off for Thanksgiving, allow us to give you a virtual high-five. Just the flower arrangement in the vase and on the table would have been enough, but the addition of numerous sized candles, pumpkins, and those tall, skinny candle stands has us swooning.

And, the place setting brings even more beauty with a multi-tiered display topped off with a white pumpkin on a green leaf. Pure beauty!

Bring the Boom!

This really is Go Big or Go Home pt. II; just look at this! A gorgeous orange table runner, a beautiful vase of flowers, greens, and branches, tall candles, and pumpkins. Don’t get us started with their beautiful charcuterie board!

A beautiful three-tiered place setting complete with a personal pie, menu, and mason jar mugs. It’s just absolutely beautiful.

Neutral Tones With Plaid Accents

White Table cloth with Candles and vase centerpiece

It’s flannel season, right? We’re in full swing breaking out all of our plaid shirts from last year, so why not add a little bit of flair to our Thanksgiving table? The rest of this table is relatively toned down, opting for light and airy neutral tones.

The plaid napkins compliment the cold accents of the plates and candles! A little color splash from the foliage and leaves help to bring this table to life.

Staggered and Neutral

Staggered setups like this are a break from the normal, congruent centerpiece displays. It reminds me of a 17th century pirate dinner, or Colonial style dinner. All of the beautiful white unscented candles have different holders, and those holders are at different heights.

Extra plates and a serving spatula are reserved for after dinner pies, but make a great addition to this centerpiece.

A Side Table for Appetizers

Thanksgiving Table with Candles at Night

Do you have a whole five-course meal prepped for Thanksgiving? You may need to expand your setup! This side table is filled with veggies, fruits, cheeses, meats, and wine. A full charcutier table! The festive colors and candles remind us of the season of giving.

Fit For Royalty

This table seems to call a certain style of person, a baron perhaps, and we’re living for it. We haven’t seen any white, black, and gold ideas here, so, voila! The black and gold accents have their own shine to this table of mostly white and cream colors. Tan wheat compliments these fixtures. We wish we were sitting down here!

Gather One, Gather All!

Blue plate with table setting and leaf

Do you have a lot of guests this Thanksgiving? If that’s the case, you may want to opt for a simple solution, like pictured above! Faux leaves and cinnamon sticks are abundant at your local retail store like Target or Walmart.

You can also find cheap napkins if you don’t have enough and make a simple display like this. No need to go crazy on decor when you’ll have your entire family to bring the crazy!

Classy Farmhouse Table

This has to be one of our absolute favorites!It follows the simplicity of some of the other ideas in this article for place settings, but brings charm to the table's centerpiece. Vines line the entirety of the table, with lit candles bringing more energy.

The tall and short candles are placed perfectly, as you can see in the walk around video. Then, a small charcuterie board sits on the table of each place mat as an easy appetizer!

Silver and Gold

Gold tablecloth with candles at Thanksgiving Table

The gold is easy to explain here, and we’re taking some small liberties with calling the wine glasses and water glasses silver, but bear with us. This table layout is rich in color, taking on a neutral-toned approach.

The centerpiece lazy susan holds a few pumpkins and gourds. A gold tablecloth, gold placemats, and gold utensils make this a dreamy table. Also, notice that two tables were pushed together – we assume this is for a large gathering!

Colorful Thanksgiving Greetings

Aren’t these colors amazing? There’s so many different colors at play that work well together. A blue table runner sits underneath a sprawling display of warm colored candles with scattered leaves. The place setting display is quite beautiful too: an orange platter on bottom, followed by a white plate, a plaid napkin, and a decorated top plate with a pretty sign. And, wine glasses for all!

Fancy, Proper, and Colonial

Hardwood table with leafy centerpiece

This narrow table invites conversation over hiding behind a display of flowers. A vine of green branches spreads the length of the table. Check out the table setting, too. It features a white napkin, forks, knife, spoon, and your own honey. We can only assume the cornbread served here is the best in the world. Do you have an extra seat?

An Outdoor Thanksgiving

If you live in a warm weather climate, you may be celebrating Thanksgiving outside, on your outdoor patio by your pool. We’re looking at you, California and Florida! This setup is perfect for a long evening spent at the table, positioned well with the outdoor firepit in the back.

We love the rustic table and benches, and this muted, neutral colored setup is a farmhouse-style dream. The goblet candle holders, holly over the table, and gorgeous place settings bring a fancy, upper-class feeling to the table.

Welcome in the Christmas Season

Black and white plaid tablecloth with white vase centerpiece

Alright Christmas fanatics, we have you covered, too! We realize Christmas season is only a few weeks after Thanksgiving, and you can get an early start on Christmas decor if you’d like.

The colors here are changed for the season, with forest green taking up the majority. Also, the pine cone candle holders are unreal, don’t you agree? Fall is still in the air with the bundled wheat; perhaps add some pumpkins and gourds to the center!

We didn’t even go over Thanksgiving food and our mouths are watering. Is it dinner time yet? We’ll have to wait some more, but thanks for checking out our blog! We’ve got more ideas over on our Pinterest, and a board dedicated to Thanksgiving decor ideas.

Check it out and get inspired with dozens of over ideas! Thanksgiving is stressful, and we want to make it easier for you.

We’ll see you next time!

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