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20 Rustic Christmas Decor Ideas

20 Rustic Christmas Decor Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

Thanksgiving is over now, and it’s time to shift to Christmas. We’re ditching the yellow and orange and adding green and white for a merry and bright season.

Being located in New England has always brought around rustic, farmhouse style Christmas decorations. Today I’m going to share some of my favorite ideas I’ve gathered from Pinterest and elsewhere.

If it’s cold where you are, make some hot chocolate and curl up by the fire – Christmas starts now!

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath on black door - rustic Christmas decor ideas
Wreath on wooden door

First things first, you’ve got to cover your front door! These wreaths ought to do the trick. You can fashion your own out of pine branches and garland. Or, take the faux route and pick up an environmentally friendly and reusable wreath at your local decor store.

Front Door Christmas Magic

This front door takes the above example to a new level. Two wreaths and a waterfall garland drape the door frame. Small trees in planter boxes and a couple lanterns with presents complete this look. Are we entering the home of an elf?

Woodland Christmas

Let’s bring the design indoors. Fancy some rough wooden decor? Create a beautiful display on your fireplace mantle with some hanging garlands.

It’s like it’s straight out of a Christmas book! Make sure you’re following fire safety protocols with your waterfall garland!

Angels, Stockings and Garlands

Want a little more character to your mantle? This falling garland is quite the spectacle, and the rest of the mantle looks gorgeous. The stockings, lights, beautiful angel, and candles make curling up by the fire an enjoyable activity. Grab your book and hot cocoa!

Red, Green, and Merry Fireplace Mantle

I love color, especially during the holiday season. This fireplace mantle is the mantle of my dreams! Garland strands help frame this beautiful fixture and a couple wreaths add more red and green.

The Holy Family stands tall above the fireplace with a couple of stockings hanging below. Finally, it looks like a special someone has left a few presents for the good kids!

Repurposed Christmas Lantern

Christmas Lantern and Pinecones

Remember that lantern you used from your fall festivities? Well, you can reuse that for Christmas!

Swap out the pumpkins, leaves, and cinnamon for candles, hot chocolate, and greenery. The added holly branches, faux snow-covered pine cones and star complete this small look.

Muted and Neutral Farmhouse Christmas

Do you prefer neutrals in your farmhouse design? Look no further than this beautiful fireplace mantle, complete with a Christmas tree! Have yourself a merry little Christmas with a large sign flanked by white candles. Check out the beautiful greenery with lights and uniform stockings too.

Some wrapped presents at the tree will surely be swapped out for the real thing come Christmas Day!

Coca-Cola Christmas Crate

Recycle those apple crates and coca cola crates! This crate holds a small faux tree, some holly branches, a cozy looking reindeer, and a lantern. Feel free to add anything and everything you wish to this crate!

The Christmas Lazy Susan

We love lazy susans here, and there’s a way to decorate yours every season. If you’ve got some farmhouse blocks, spell out your favorite words. “Joy”, “giving”, “love”, “Santa”, “Jesus”, “snow”, and more!

Fill the rest with pinecones and branches of all sorts. If you live in an area where you can collect fallen branches and pine cones, you’ll bring real scents into your home!

The Bare Necessities Christmas

Lit candle on table with pinecones and fake plants

Looking for a small and simple Christmas? Get with the bare necessities: a small candle, a few types of pinecones, and some greenery. Short, sweet, and to the point.

The Lavish Fireplace

If small and simple isn’t your style, feel free to go all out with it. This mantle is decked out to the max! The waterfall garland is decorated with ribbons, lights, pinecones, and ornaments of all kinds. The wreath above the fireplace is no different. It certainly brings Christmas cheer right into your living room. A small reindeer keeps watch.

Mountain Cabin Christmas

Oh, how I would love to spend Christmas at a lovely mountain cabin! This tree was probably cut right in the homes’ backyard, and brought into the house smelling fresh. These giant pinecones (probably from California’s giant sequoia trees) are a sight to behold! You can really get into the spirit with this type of decor. And hopefully, you get snowed in! Head to those ski slopes and relax at home when the day is done.

Small, Rustic Charms

This basket filled with soft evergreen branches is a perfect centerpiece for your game table, dining table, or side table by your couches. The handmade stars remember the reason for the season and can join the basket of greens or be hung on your tree!

Candy Canes and Berries

Jar of candy canes with red ornament decorations

Everyone loves a good candy cane mug, right? In my home, we make this a functional design and use smaller candy canes to stir out hot chocolate after a day of playing in the snow. Fill the rest of your dining table with holly branches, ornaments, Christmas greenery, and flowers.

A Green Christmas

Here in Utah, we’re hoping for a white Christmas, and it looks like Old Man Winter is going to grant that wish. But, it’s nice to have some green inside the home, yeah? This waterfall garland is quite majestic and the golden pine cones add to the mix.

Some flowers lay next to candles, and underneath a beautiful, plain but bushy green wreath. Make sure you don’t actually set all that wood on fire all at the same time!

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Oh, how I love a good chalkboard! This large chalkboard hanging above the mantle tries to steal the show from the Christmas tree. We’ve seen plenty of hanging garlands and this snow-covered garland is beautiful!

With some tall candles above and small planted trees below, this fireplace is a sight to behold. Those stockings are lovely and they’re topped out by the display on the coffee table.

Waterfall Christmas Garland

If you’ve got some extra room on your table for a garland taking up some space, this is a great idea for you! This table certainly seems wide enough to accommodate this design. And, the place settings for this are gorgeous as well.

Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold!

Silver and gold ornaments on Christmas tree

Anyone having flashbacks from an old animated Christmas movie? Bonus points if you can name it! Silver and gold ornaments are beautiful no matter where you put them.

From your tree to filling a lantern, there’s plenty of uses for your leftover or excess ornaments. And, if you put them near lights, you’ll get a nice, bright display.

Pinecone Boat

Another recycling project, break out that old boat you used for fall and reuse it for Christmas! Use a base of pine branches and top it with some pine cones and candles.

Let It Snow

We had to bring out the jingle bells at some point, and you might’ve missed them if you looked too quickly. The key here is to keep them high and elevated so your three-year-old doesn’t find them and drive everyone crazy for the second time in four weeks. Remember how Thanksgiving went!?

Complete this look with some fake trees and a beautiful chalkboard sign. It doesn’t get much better than this!

We hope you had a merry time reading our post! Ideally you’ve gathered some more ideas to prepare for this upcoming Christmas season.

But if you’re looking for more, you can always head over to our Pinterest. We update ours every day with new content, and there will always be more to see here!

We’ll see you next time – have a great day!

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