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8 Fun Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas

8 Fun Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

Have you decorated the outside of your home yet? If not, the time is now. Here in Utah, the mountains and the valley are packed with snow. Winter is here!

We’re bringing you some of the best outdoor Christmas decor ideas we’ve seen on Pinterest.

Home Sweet Home

Home is where you make it, right? This front porch is decorated so wonderfully.

A garland frames the doorway, and lights are strung through it to give a warm feeling during the night. The snow dusted tree stands in a beautiful wooden apple crate, and a few lanterns with candles complete the front door. It looks so inviting!

Welcome to a Green Christmas

Maybe these folks live in Florida, or maybe they’re hoping some natural snow covers their decorations. Whatever the case, a green Christmas isn’t all that bad.

There's a lot going on here – large wreaths with big pinecones sit on both doors, a hanging garland frames the front and greenery is stacked around the sides. The sweet smell of sticky pine surely invites you into the home.

Red, White, and Green

A red door, red bows, and red flowers are complemented by some trees of differing sizes, and beautiful bright, white lights. That’s it! A few lanterns provide additional walkway light.

Christmas Porch Swing

What do you do with your porch swing in winter when it’s too cold to relax with a book? Well, turn it into something special! There’s snow here as you can see, so make sure your decor is waterproof.

Garlands hang from the ceiling, and the porch swing is in the holiday spirit with red and white pillows.

Wrap-around Porch Garland

If you’ve got a wraparound porch, the best decor for you is a blong, beautiful garland. These folks went a step further and added beautiful red bows and some lights.

When the snow falls, and it will fall, this porch will light up in the Christmas spirit!

Snow Dusted Outdoor Decor

If you live in a warm weather climate and want to pretend to be in a cold climate with snowfall, these snow dusted beauties are for you! These premade decorations are easy to use and set up on your front porch.

This family added some hanging lights as well as a few lanterns. That seems to be a theme among these ideas!

Elegant and Simple

If you’ve got most of your decor inside, or you don’t want to go all out, keep your decorations to a minimum. Minimum doesn't mean they can't be elegant, though!

This house might look familiar. Here’s another framed doorway with garland and lights, along with a wreath on the door. A few lanterns and some cut greenery in planter boxes complete the look.

Sometimes less is more, and this house is a great example!

Christmas Eggs

How do you decorate floating eggs on your porch? Christmas themed, of course! A snowflake pillow and a punch buggy pillow are my favorite pieces here.

Each egg is wrapped in garland with pinecones and lights. Honestly, that’s impressive work! Some sherpa blankets sit in the eggs, waiting to be cuddled in front of the fire. The perfect spot for aprés ski, don't you think?

We hope you had a great time reading this article and gathered some inspiration for your home! Get your decorations out soon, because Christmas is coming! And, stay in the holiday spirit, too – keep ‘em until January!

If you’re searching for ideas inside the home, check out our ideas blog for rustic Christmas decorations inside your home. And, follow along with our Pinterest as we pin our way through the holiday season.

Happy decorating!

Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas - Entryway with Wreath
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