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How To Make 8 Different Homemade Cleaners With Simple Ingredients

How To Make 8 Different Homemade Cleaners With Simple Ingredients - Proline Range Hoods

Did you know that you don’t have to waste money buying hundreds of cleaning products from the store? Most cleaning products have the same active ingredients that get the job done, so all you do is end up throwing money in the trash!

If you want to find out how to make your own cleaning products at home, keep reading. We’re going to cover what you need to know to make eight handy cleaning supplies. This way, you will end up saving tons of money every month.

What’s even better is that you probably already have all the ingredients you need sitting at home! You don’t have to spend more money to make these cleaning products.

Sound interesting? Keep reading to find out how to make these eight cleaning products with ingredients you already have sitting around.

Cleaner #1 – Kitchen Cleaner And Deodorizer

What you need:

The method: you can use baking soda alone to act as an incredible deodorizer throughout your home. This can even be used on carpets and rugs, and essential oils can be added to it to help freshen up fabrics.

You can create a paste of baking soda and warm water and apply it to stains and spills throughout the kitchen, allow it to sit awhile, then simply rub it with a damp cloth until clean.

To deodorize drains and garbage disposals, pour some baking soda into the area. Again, add some essential oils to further remove any unpleasant odor.

Please bear in mind that the use of some essential oils is not suitable if you have pets or young children in the house.

Cleaner #2 – Scented All-Purpose Cleaner

What you need:

The method: all you need to do is combine the above ingredients and pour them into a spray bottle. Allow the ingredients to sit for about a week before you use it.

When ready, this product will remove hard water stains easily, and remove smudges and stains in an instant.

Do not use this cleaning product on natural stone such as granite, as it will quickly etch the stone and damage it. Vinegar could also damage other sensitive materials, so always read manufacturer's recommendations before using this.

Cleaner #3 – Brass Cleaner

What you need:

The method: create a paste with the two ingredients, place them on a microfiber cloth, and polish brass as you usually would!

Rub the mixture over the full surface of the brass and gently work it. Once it looks clean, rinse the mixture off and dry it using a soft, clean cloth. You would also use a soft sponge to clean.

There are lots of DIY solutions for bras cleaners. Some involve ketchup, others use flour! This method works exceptionally well to get your brass looking its best.

Just be sure to look into whether you should use this same solution on other metals such as silver before proceeding.

Cleaner #4 – Heavy-Duty Scrub

What you need:

The method: cut the lemon in half and dip it into the Borax. Use the cut side of the lemon with the Borax to scrub the stained surface, then rinse it.

This option is ideal for rust stains on things like sinks and tubs. Please be aware that as this product contains acidity from the lemon, it should not be used on natural stone surfaces. Doing so will damage the stone.

You should also ensure that you don’t try to clean anything that will easily scratch with this cleaning solution. This is because the Borax can scratch the surface and leave it damaged.

Cleaner #5 – Clothing Stain Remover

Cleaner #5 – Clothing Stain Remover

What you need:

The method: create a mixture with all the ingredients, and simply let the stained clothing sit and soak in it! Ensure that you use an enamel, plastic, or stainless steel bowl rather than aluminum when doing this.

The fabric can soak for 15-20 minutes at first. If the stain remains, allow it to soak for a few more minutes, then wash it on its own.

Do not use this method for colored clothing, as the bleach is likely to remove color and damage the fabric.

Cleaner #6 – Glass Cleaner

What you need:

The method: all you need to do is combine the ingredients to make a solution, and add it to a spray bottle. The use of essential oils will leave the windows smelling great without leaving any unpleasant marks.

This window cleaning solution can save you a lot of money in the long run, and you probably have all the ingredients you need!

You can change up the essential oil if you like. However, you will need to ensure that the essential oil you choose has no color. One of the best options for a great smelling home is to use lemon, lemongrass, mint, or pine.

Please be aware that some essential oils are not suitable to use if you have pets or children.

Cleaner #7 – Grease Cleaner

What you need:

The method: simply mix the two ingredients together, and use it to clean greasy areas! You can clean areas with a sponge, or allow things like oven racks to soak in the solution.

Clean items by dipping the sponge in the cleaning solution, then wiping over the surface. Rinse the areas once they have been cleaned, and avoid using this mixture on aluminum as pitting will occur.

Use gloves for this cleaning treatment to protect your skin from the ammonia.

Cleaner #8 – Marble Cleaner

What you need:

The method: all you need to do is mix the two ingredients together in a spray bottle and mix them!

When it comes to natural stone, you should never use acidic products like vinegar. Instead, stick to simple ingredients like water and mild dishwashing soap (like Dawn).

Be sure to never let marble air dry, or the stone can become discolored or damaged. Clean the stone with the solution and a soft sponge, then get rid of all excess soap residue. Once the residue is gone, buff the whole area dry using a soft cloth.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of amazing homemade cleaning products that you can make in an instant! Doing this will save you loads of money over the year, and the results will be better than ever.

With that being said, you should be cautious with some of these cleaning solutions. Some ingredients such as vinegar and lemon are not suitable for natural stone like marble, while others like essential oils could be harmful to young children and pets.

Before using a solution with essential oils, please check to see which essential oils will be safe to use.
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