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10 Fun Summer Crafts for Kids

10 Fun Summer Crafts for Kids - Proline Range Hoods
Kinds sitting on the steps smiling - 10 fun crafts for kids

We get it. Home improvement is surprisingly fun for adults but not so much for kids. While you’re out shopping for supplies to build that DIY firepit from our 10 Affordable And Easy Summer DIY Projects, grab some supplies to let the kids in on the fun.

These 10 fun summer crafts for kids are easy but will get your kids in the creative spirit (and keep them entertained while you work.)

1. DIY Birdhouses

Birdhouses can be made from a variety of materials. You can upcycle plastic milk cartons or grab extra wood while on the run at the home improvement store. Kids will love building and decorating them. You can have a little competition to see whose house attracts the most birds. Watching birds will keep your kids occupied while you work.

2. Pool Noodle Boats

If you’re raising a little sailor, these pool noodle boats are perfect. They can be made with $5 in materials from your local dollar store but provide priceless summer fun. Host boat races, ship battles, and more! Just be sure to always supervise children around the water.

3. Cardboard Skeeball

Do you remember going to family fun centers like Chuck E Cheese and Dave and Buster’s? Bring that same fun home with this cool DIY skee ball set. It’s easy to make and will keep the kids entertained for hours. You might have to secretly grab a stuffed animal to award the winner though.

4. Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand is a great way to build entrepreneurship and responsibility for kids. A stand is easy to build and fun to decorate. This is also a perfect opportunity to teach your kids about tools. It’ll also keep them busy for hours while you’re working in the yard.

You’ll even have a close place to grab a drink. Just remember that the food service industry is hard. So always leave a great tip.

5. Rainbow Bubbles

If you need something super easy for younger kids, make a bucket of these rainbow bubbles. They’re made of three basic ingredients so it’s safe for all ages.

6. DIY Waterscape

A great way to teach your kids about physics principles like gravity and hydrodynamics is with a waterscape. You can make them as simple or elaborate as you want but you won't need more than a few basic materials.

7. DIY Mill

Another great educational exercise for a little construction worker is a DIY mill. Another project that your family can make as simple or complex as you would like. Pick up a couple of Tonka Trucks to move the dirt around (Amazon link) and you could soon have your very own diamond mine in your backyard.

8. Tie-dye t-shirts

The classic way to keep your kids busy and creative is by tie-dying t-shirts. We’ve all done it. Set up a couple of buckets, grab a tube of non-toxic dye and a pack of cheap t-shirts and you’ve got a great way to keep the kids busy for at least an hour..

9. Animal Crafts

What’s better than going to the zoo? Going on a safari! These cute animal crafts are a great way to exercise your kid's imagination and keep them entertained outside for hours. Invite over the neighborhood kids for a fun day in the African Savana.

10. DIY Fireflies

If you’re going to be working outside into the evening these DIY fireflies are PERFECT. Your kids will love buzzing around all afternoon but will love these insects’ special tricks. They light up! You’ll just need a few small LEDs, construction paper, and a pack of pipe cleaners.

There you have it: 10 Fun Summer Crafts for Kids

It’s summertime. You want to be outdoors and your kids do too. These great 10 fun summer crafts will have your backyard full of laughter all summer long. They’re all great ways to spend time with the family this summer. They’ll also keep the little ones entertained while you check off your summer to-do list.

For more DIY tips, outdoor kitchen ideas, and design inspiration, check out our Pinterest. Happy playing!

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