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14 Festive Fall Porch Decor Ideas

14 Festive Fall Porch Decor Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

Fall has always been a special time for me, and nowhere has ever compared to New England in the fall. The trees come alive with red, orange, yellow and purple for weeks on end.

Utah also has a pretty good show, if you’re quick enough to catch it. The mountains spring up in color, and driving through winding canyons is a treat unlike any in the east coast.

This fall season, I’m taking you on a colorful, decor-filled journey. We’ll start with porches in this article, then move into the home, covering kitchens, family rooms and more.

Make sure to stay tuned all season long!

Converting from Summer to Fall

Festive Fall Porch Decor Ideas - Fall porch with wood chairs

For those not wanting to convert from summer to fall just yet, this is your first step! You can keep your summer plants, but add in some color. A wreath was placed between the windows, signifying the end of summer and beginning of fall.

Of course, this will change as the season goes on. But for the reluctant decorator, this is a good start!

Fall Porch Drapes and Wreath

Curtain and rustic bench

For the over-excited fall decorator, there’s nothing like going all out. Deck out your porch or front steps with a rustic bench, some drapes, a large wreath, pumpkins, and apple crates.

Throw in some decorative corn stalks, squash, some old lanterns, and a window frame, and you’ve created a fall scene.

Corn Stalks, Pumpkins, and Leaves

Porch steps with pumpkins and leaves

So, leaves may not be quite a decoration, but if you’re lucky enough to have leaves in your yard, why not incorporate them into your front porch decor? You’ll sweep them away, and more will fall, so why not dress it up?

Large corn stalks line the columns at the top of this two-tier step, as well as large, real pumpkins. If you don’t cut into them, these pumpkins will last weeks!

American Flags

Large house with pillars for entryway

It’s not necessarily a fall decoration as it is a year round decoration, but something about adding an American flag to your porch brings out a feeling of home spirit. The air cools down, football season begins, and it’s time to welcome people indoors again.

Those half-circle flags are called pleated flags, and are common in New England. Adding these to your porch, along with pumpkins, cornstalks, and other decor will make your house that much more all-American.

Red Door, Lone Pumpkin

Red door with one pumpkin at the entryway

Hey, some people are minimalists, right? This entryway already seems to be speaking of an eerie fall, with those historic porch lights and ornate detailing around the door frame. Adding a single pumpkin creates an ominous presence. Is it ghosts? Vampires? Who knows.

A Beautiful Orange Display

Brick steps with pumpkins leading to home entrance
Close Up - Brick steps and pumpkins

This is more like it, right? Let’s get a big display of pumpkins out there. A mix of big and small, a box with orange flowers, and a couple of large lanterns. This porch is small, but effectively uses its space to create an inviting image outside their home.

Top it off with a wreath on the front door, and you’re ready to welcome in friends and family for hot apple cider!

Bilbo the Hobbit’s Front Porch

Pumpkins and carrots on a wood table

While Bilbo Baggins may be off on another glorious adventure, he needs to make sure his home looks warm and occupied.

He’s put out some fresh carrots in a wooden box, along with pumpkins and plants on an old wooden table, forged in the ancient Forest of Fangorn. Although, it’s not Treebeard….we think!

Repurposed Lanterns

Repurposed Lanterns with faux fall decor

Now, this is the best idea we’ve seen to repurpose some thrifted lanterns. Fill them with faux (or real) pine cones, leaves, pumpkins, and other seasonal treasures.

An old small apple crate plays its part by holding a few pumpkins. Match this with a fresh doormat, and you’ve got a great looking front porch or patio.

Pumpkins, Wreaths, and Pots

Brick steps leading to blue door

Can’t ever go wrong with the basics, right? Pumpkins are usually cheaper earlier in the season, and if you don’t cut into them, they’ll last quite a few weeks, and possibly two months!

A wreath made out of faux fall leaves decorates the door, while some dark turquoise pots accent the front steps.

Halloween Scaries!

Two kids walking to door, trick or treating

Your decorations may change around Halloween, and we think that’s totally okay. Grab some ghosts, witches, and more from your local store, or have fun with your family and create some homemade monsters! Just make sure you don’t bring any of them to life….

Ghosts Go BOO!

Ghost on railing

Sometimes all you need is one good ghost. One little scare outta do you something good, right? Upscale this with a couple of pumpkins, or even a faux vine around the railing to make your entrance a little creepier.

Of course, there’s always my way...

Two kids in masks and black trick or treating

Oh, the haunted mansion ride at Disneyland. One of the only times that fall festivities are allowed year round, yes? Get in the holiday spirit with some fun pumpkin decorations on your door. Add some bats, a wreath, and you’re ready to give out some tricks. Or treats!

Fall Porch Picnic

Porch with a towel, pillow, and plants

Picnicking on the porch might not be the first place you’d think of, but this cozy setup begs to differ. A deep scarlet red blanket brings the mood. A couple of pillows add some comfort and a small table with a decorative watering can gives a bohemian vibe. Next, bring the charcuterie board and have at it!

Fall in the City

Large red door with brick steps and pumpkins

This city front porch seems to have nailed it on the head. A beautiful display of brightly colored pumpkins lines one side of the stairs to these red double doors.

Some potted flower buds at the top bring in more texture, and more colors. The porch lights seem straight out of a New York City movie. Was there a Hallmark movie made here? It certainly looks like it!

Fall is an exciting time to decorate your whole home, and it starts with the outside! We hope you found this article helpful, and gave you a few ideas for this upcoming season.

Of course, Pinterest is always a great place to find even more inspiration, and you can follow along with our fall decor ideas board!

We’ll be updating this board daily with fresh new pins each day as we enter autumn.

Be sure to stay tuned for more fall related blogs. Next up, we’ll be tackling the indoors.

Where will we start? Find out next week!

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