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10 Fantastic DIY Home Decor Ideas 

10 Fantastic DIY Home Decor Ideas  - Proline Range Hoods

Having a well-decorated home doesn't have to break the bank. Whether your style is fun and artsy or clean and modern, a well-done DIY project can add a touch of you to the space. In this article, we’ll go over 10 fantastic DIY home decor ideas.

Whether you’re looking to add a quick bit of style to a teen’s room or looking for something to add a bit of fun to an adult space, there is something for everyone on this list.

Picture Hanger

The smartphone is the most popular camera in the world. They are always with us and easy to use when it's time to grab that quick shot. But when is the last time you looked at your 12,000 photo-strong camera roll? Why build up a collection of pictures we never see?

Keep a collection of those precious moments on display with this DIY picture hanger. You can use standard 4 x 6’s or print wall sizes straight from your phone at your local CVS or Target photo center.

The instructions are available here.

Book Planters

If you’re a bookie like me. You probably also like the aesthetics of old books. This book planter idea is just for you. Thrift stores have tons of books that are no longer fit to read, but this crafty project can give those books a new lease on life. Small planters add a splash of green to your space.

These planters are quick, easy, and give you to have an excuse to keep a few more books around.

The instructions are available here.

Craft Travel Map

Traveling is one of the most important things to experience in life. Keep track of all the places you’ve been to with this cute and crafty travel map.

You can make a collage of photos from each state or use pushpins to track where you’ve been. Keep this in the kitchen or living room, travel maps are always great conversation starters.

Check out the instructions here.

Tissue Paper Flower - Backdrop

Maybe the most simple, but dynamic idea on this list is this tissue paper flower backdrop. Tissue paper costs a dollar at your local dollar store, but with some craft, you can create a string of decorative items that would cost 100x more at a home goods store.

These flowers add color and impact to any room.

If you’re a lover of everything floral, check out the instructions here.

Log Book Stands

One more for the bookies! If you’re rugged and outdoorsy but also a total bookworm, show off your books and logs with these log book stands. Wooden book stands are quick, simple, and unless you live in a desert, free to do.

I recently saw fake wooden log book stands at a home goods store selling for $50. Do this instead.

Check out the instructions here.

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Masking Tape Wall Art

If colorful flowers and rustic planters aren't your things, but you still want to DIY try this masking tape wall art idea. This idea is great for apartment dwellers and teens as the tape is fairly easy to remove.

Geometrical art can break up large white walls and be used as leading lines to tie in other decor pieces.

No how-to guide for this one. Plan out a shape and tape it.

Mason Jar Planters

A timeless DIY home decor idea. Mason jars are the perfect cheap (or free if you reuse a leftover pasta jar) home for small plants. You can also use them for storage and for drinking.

These planters are simple but you can still check out the how-to, here.

Leather Strap Hanging Shelf

Shelves are a quick way to help style a room. They break up large white walls and give you a place to show off your trinkets and photos. This DIY leather strap hanging shelf is stylish in itself, the raw wood and brown leather go together perfectly.

Leather is also fairly strong, so this is a cute way to add a bit of functionality to any room.

Check out the instructions here.

DIY Selfie Wall

Don’t be ashamed to be a selfie lover. We all do it. If you liked the picture hanger idea above, but want to make more of a statement with your photos, check out this DIY selfie wall idea. This look would be perfect in a teen’s room or college dorm. Keep your memories alive with big, bold, and brash photos.

Check out the instructions here.

DIY Reading Nook

If you’re reading a blog, I assume you like to read. So here’s one last one for my bookies. This reading nook can be the perfect place to escape to finish that novel. It provides a separate space away from the busy kitchen or working office. A place to relax and escape. And no it’s not a fort. `

Check out the instructions here.

There you go: 10 Fantastic DIY Home Decor Ideas

You don’t need to spend a fortune to add a bit of pizzazz to your space. These 10 DIY home decor ideas can give any space that added touch of you that it’s been missing.

For more DIY tips, outdoor kitchen ideas, and design inspiration, check out our Pinterest. Happy DIYing!

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