Range Hood 101: 10 Signs You Should Invest In a Range Hood

1. You have mold growth on your ceiling and kitchen cabinets.

Mold growth caused from steam and moisture from cooking is not only damaging to your kitchen, but damaging to your health. Many people have even had to go to the extent of blowing out full walls, or removing kitchen cabinets due to excessive mold damage.  

Keep in mind that if you live in hot location, this may also greatly increase mold growth speed. So what is your best solution? A range hood appliance does the best job of eliminating steam and moisture that is caused from cooking.

2. Your home smells like the salmon you cooked for dinner last week.

Being a fish connoisseur is what you do best. All of your friends, family, and even your neighbors know of your strong admiration for fish too.

You may be the best chef on the block, but if your neighbors are able to smell your ethnic fish smells, then maybe it’s a good time to invest in a range hood.  A kitchen hood does the most efficient job of ridding your home of harsh smells that come from cooking.

3. When you cook, your kitchen feels like it's a thousand degrees too hot.

Having a hot kitchen while cooking is unpleasant to say the least. Did you know that cooking under extensive heat conditions may cause heat cramps, rashes and even heat exhaustion? What starts out as a minor sweat may easily lead to dizziness, blurred vision, and nausea. In some cases, heat exhaustion may lead to more serious cases like heat stroke.

This is why employers of restaurants have the primary responsibility of keeping cooking areas as cool as possible. Employers do this by installing commercial vent hoods as well as other types of cooling equipment. A range hood is your best solution at stripping excess heat in your kitchen caused from cooking.

4. Your family has the fire department on speed dial because you tend to burn food while cooking.

We get it, you really are a phenomenal cook-most of the time. Although your “famous” garlic bread is now toasted to a blacked crisp. Not to mention, it probably tastes just as good as your smoke-packed house smells. If you tend to be a forgetful Felicia or a distracted Dorian, maybe it’s time to “clear the air” and invest in a quality range hood with a high CFM rating.

5. You could use better kitchen lighting.

Not all of us are able to multi-task like the professional chef Gordon Ramsey while cooking. Throw in poor kitchen lighting into the mix, as well as hot appliances, and sharp tools, and you might as well prepare yourself for a major cooking disaster.

A range hood not only provides beautiful bright light over your stove, which makes tasks like cooking a lot safer, but also creates an inviting atmosphere where friends and family may feel welcome.

6. You are aware of health conditions caused from indoor pollution in homes and want to keep your family safe.

Did you know that studies have shown that air pollution caused from cooking in our homes exceeds federal outdoor pollution levels? If this doesn’t make you think twice about a range hood, make sure to read this article on kitchen ventilation safety facts. Because peace of mind in knowing that we are keeping our families safe is priceless.

7. Your kitchen could use a serious upgrade.

If you are in the process of remodeling your kitchen it’s never a bad idea to start with the appliances. This is because you will be using your appliances every day, more so than other features of your kitchen.

Designers and industry professionals have been calling the range hood the “centerpiece” of the kitchen for years.  This is because range hoods not only provide clean air, but greatly enhance a kitchens appearance.  If you are shopping for a range hood, make sure to check out reputable companies like Proline, that offer top quality appliances and warranties.

8. You take pride in having a clean kitchen.

There are very few things that feel as wonderful as a clean kitchen. You may never have dirty dishes stacked in your sink, and your counters may always be wiped down.  However, having a clean kitchen and a clean home also means having clean air. Range hoods do the best job at eliminating smoke, steam, grease, and other contaminants in our homes caused from daily activities like cooking or cleaning.  

In addition, when moisture is mixed with dust and grease, this may cause a sticky grime coating around our cooking environments. A range hood greatly cuts down cleaning time because it does the best job at eliminating these unclean contaminants.

9. You want to increase your homes resale value.

Did you know that in today’s market, range hoods are simply expected to be in kitchens & without one it could actually hurt your homes resale value? In many states, there are building codes in place that require proper kitchen ventilation in homes.

When showing a home to a prospective buyer, many realtors have even mentioned that if a property does not have a range hood installed, this could very well be the determining factor that prevents a buyer from closing on a home.  If you are looking to increase your homes resale value, purchasing a range hood is one way to do it.

10. You find yourself day dreaming about the perfect range hood for your kitchen.

Let’s face it, if you are day dreaming about range hoods, that’s saying something. Most people day dream about extravagant trips, job promotions, their dream romantic partner, or possibly anything other than a kitchen appliance.

Maybe it’s time to invest in a quality range hood. Doing this will not only satisfy your slightly eccentric craving, but provide you with a beautiful kitchen and the clean home you deserve.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get a cleaner kitchen today!