Range Hoods With Extensions: What You Need To Know

When shopping for range hoods with extensions, you should probably take a few measurements and plan ahead. Here we have provided you with your own personal guide to help you through the process.

range hoods with extensions kitchen hood with chimney extension.

1. Measure your ceiling height.

Before you begin to start looking for range hoods with extensions its a good idea to take some important measurements first. Start by measuring the height of your ceiling from your floor to your ceiling. Write this down because you will be needing these measurements later.

2. Measure the height of your range.

Now that you have measured the height of your ceiling, measure the height of your range. Write this measurement down.

3. Measure the height of your range hood.

Measure the height of your range hood only. Do not include the chimney pieces in this measurement, rather only the base section of the hood.

4. Plan to install your hood at a minimum height of 30" or a maximum height of 36" from your cook top.

For the best air capture, you will want to make sure that you install your hood at least  30"-36" from your cooking surface. You will also want to write down this measurement as you will need it for the next step.

5. Do the math to find the total space left for your chimney extension.

Now subtract the height of the range, the distance between the cooktop and the range hood, and hood height from your total ceiling height. Follow the example below. In this example, we determined the total space left for the chimney extension for an 8ft ceiling.

    8 ft x 12 = 96 inches (Ceiling height)

                   -  36 Inches (Range height)

                      60 Inches

                   -  30 Inches (Minimum height above the range)

                      30 Inches

                  -  16 Inches (Height of range hood)

  =  14 inches (Total space left for the chimney extension)

Looking for Range Hoods With Extensions?

Q: How do I determine what size of a chimney extension I will need for my range hood?

A: It depends on the height of your ceiling. Most of our hoods from Proline Range Hoods accommodate 8-9’ ceilings. However, if your ceiling is taller, we offer chimney extensions for ceilings up to 12'.  We also provide custom cuts for those of you who may have shorter ceilings. This way we can help you achieve the perfect fit to meet your own kitchen requirements.