Proline Range Hoods | Our Company Mission

Our Proline Range Hoods Company Mission:

At Proline Range Hoods,  we like to believe that we are much more than just a range hood company. We are a group of people working for the same purpose and the same mission.

At Proline Range Hoods, we provide the highest quality range hoods at the best value.

Bringing Safety, Beauty, Cleanliness, & Comfort to homes for years.

At Proline Range Hoods We Offer The Highest Quality Range Hoods:

At Proline Range Hoods, we offer you the highest quality range hoods equally comparable big name brands, for a fraction of the cost. We build our range hoods ourselves because we know that in your home you deserve only the best. As a range hood manufacturer that has been in business for over 10 years, we have been able to work directly with our team to skillfully construct and produce range hoods that are made with the highest quality materials, and equipped with the latest technology features. Because of our very close relationships we have with our team, along with the feedback we have received from our customers, we have been able to innovate, and refine our products to provide the #1,  highest quality range hoods in the industry.

At Proline Range Hoods We Offer The Best Value:

At Proline Range Hoods we offer you the highest quality range hoods at the best value in the industry. Only at Proline will you receive a top-of-the-line range hood at an honest price.  As a range hood manufacturer, we get to directly pass on our great value of both quality and savings directly to you. Whereas when purchasing a range hood from a big box store, your range hood will also come with the additional markups that come from being sold from the manufacturer to the distributer to the big box store and then to you. Because we make our own range hoods, we are able to greatly lower our prices, and in doing so, passing on a greater savings to you.

At Proline Range Hoods We Want Your Kitchen To Be Safe:

At Proline Range Hoods we want your kitchen to be safe place. Well how does a range hood provide safety you ask? Range hoods not only greatly decrease grease fires, but they also play the biggest role in cleaning the air. According to the American Lung Association, 85% of Americans didn’t realize that the air in their homes was considered hazardous. Studies have shown that the air quality in ones home can cause abnormal breathing and even be deathly. We believe that breathing clean air should be essential for your family and for you. For this reason we believe that that a range hood should be installed in every home. Read 9 Range Hood Safety Facts You Should Know About to learn more about the importance of having a range hood.

At Proline Range Hoods We Want Your Kitchen to Be Beautiful:

At Proline Range Hoods we want your kitchen to be beautiful, as well as your favorite room in your home. Interior designers and pros have been claiming that a range hood is much more than a hood fan appliance. As a matter of fact, pros have been calling the range hood the “trophy” and the “centerpiece” of the kitchen. We also believe that range hoods provide both beauty and powerful function to homes, and we have wonderful Proline Range Hoods customer kitchen photos to prove it.

At Proline Range Hoods We Want Your Kitchen To Be Clean:

At Proline Range Hoods we want your kitchen to feel clean and the air in your home to be pristine. We know that a clean kitchen provides the feeling of restfulness and tranquility. A range hood assists in cleaning your kitchen by sweeping the air from unwanted debris, and by removing grease, smoke, steam, and other harsh chemicals from the air. We want to provide you with a powerful range hood so that you will be able to enjoy your kitchen and do what you do best, cook delicious meals, and spend time with loved ones.

At Proline Range Hoods We Want Your Home To Be Comfortable:

At Proline Range Hoods we want your kitchen to be a place of great comfort. A range hood gives you peace of mind to know that you are living in a healthy environment with clean air. The feeling of having a home that is clean, beautiful, and safe provides you with great satisfaction and ease. After understanding the many benefits of having a range hood you feel greatly comforted and relaxed. This is because what you once thought was just an expensive hood fan appliance is now thought to be a very important investment.

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