Kitchen Range Hood Types | Which is Best For Your Kitchen?

Which of These Kitchen Range Hood Types is Best For Your Kitchen?

Kitchen Range hood types consist of many different designs and styles. Although all range hoods are made with the same important purpose of ridding smoke, grease, and other toxins in the air that come from cooking and cleaning, many range hood types tend to be more efficient than the others. Learn more about different kitchen ventilation design styles, and range hood features.  Find which kitchen range hood type is best for your kitchen.

Most Common Kitchen Range Hood Types

Wall Mount Range Hoods

Wall mount range hoods are one of the most common types of range hoods. These vent hood types are mounted securely against a wall in the kitchen, about 28″-36” between the bottom of hood and the stove cooking surface. Additionally, they come in different shapes with the most common type being a pyramid chimney style hood.

kitchen range hood types wall mount range hood

Island Range Hoods

If your stove is built into your kitchen island, and not against a wall, then you will most likely be using an Island Range Hood. These range hoods types are mounted from your ceiling. Common island range hoods are usually pyramid style, and cylinder. Island range hoods are a beautiful center piece for any kitchen space.

kitchen range hood types island range hood

Range Hood Inserts

Range Hood inserts are usually hidden as well as built into custom cabinets above the cooktop, or custom range hood covers. Kitchen Hood Inserts are a great option if you wanting your ventilation fan to be hidden inside a custom cabinet design. At Proline Range Hoods, we have a beautiful selection of range hood inserts and custom Artisan range hood covers to choose from.

kitchen range hood types range hood insert

Under Cabinet Range Hoods

Under Cabinet Range Hoods are a great option for people who have cupboards or cabinet storage above their cooktop. This way, switching out an OTR Microwave with a  professional range hood  allows you to keep the extra cabinet storage space as well as upgrade your kitchen ventilation fan.

kitchen range hood types under cabinet range hood

Professional Range Hoods

Professional Range Hoods are made not just for avid cooks but also for anyone who expects only the most accurate job at keeping toxins and harsh smells out of the kitchen.  A Professional range hood is any vent hood that comes with a CFM of 900 or higher. This is considered to be a high CFM output, and fits the requirements of a professional level range hood.  At Proline Range Hoods we have a beautiful, top quality selection of Professional Range Hoods for the purpose of providing our customers with only the best.

Custom Range Hood Designs With Built In Range Hood Inserts

Custom Hand Carved Range Hoods

This kitchen range hood type is a custom carved cabinet design which covers a range hood insert. As a matter of face, many have found ways to build their own custom range hood cover themselves. They do this by following “how-to” guides online such as this DIY Range Hood Cover Tutorial by Love the Tompkins. There are many different  custom range hood cover types including all different design finishes such as copper, tile, marble, and hand carved wood to name a few.

Different Kitchen Range Hood Types For Varying Kitchen Ventilation Requirements

Ductless Range Hoods

A ductless range hood  is a kitchen ventilation fan that comes equipped with a charcoal filter. This range hood type filters air contaminants and grease back into the kitchen instead of to the outside like a ducted range hood.

Ducted Range Hoods

A ducted range hood  is a kitchen ventilation fan that does not come with a charcoal filter like a ductless range hood. Rather,  this is because a ducted range hood filters air contaminants and grease to the outside. This is the most recommended option by professionals as this will be the most effective at keeping the air clean.

Different Range Hood Features


CFM is short for cubic feet per minute. This is simply a measurement of the movement at which air flows into or out of a space. CFM measures air flow for all kitchen ventilation systems.

LED Lights vs. Halogen Lights

When comparing LED lights and Halogen lights, different range hoods come with different bulb types.  Halogen and LED lights both provide efficient lighting required for cooking. However, many people prefer LED bulbs simply due to the longer lifespan, power consumption and other features.

Features LED Halogen
Heat Emission 10%-20% of total energy 80%-90% of total energy
Power Consumption Average of 8 Watts Average of 90 Watts
Lifespan 50,000 – 60,000 hours 800 – 1,200 hours
Average Cost $15-$20/bulb $3-$5/bulb
UV Emissions None Minimal

Auto Shut Off Timer

For those that find themselves forgetting to turn off their range hoods, an auto shut off timer is a great feature. At Proline we have  a selection of range hoods that come with a  built in 15 minute auto shutoff timer. This makes it easy for you to do what you do best,  and be the cook.

Kitchen Range Hood Baffle Filter Types Vs. Mesh Filters

Mesh filters and baffle filters have the same purpose, although they are used differently. Baffle filters are usually made with with a higher quality metal such as a stainless steel, mild steel, or in some cases aluminum. This makes baffle filters a better choice for cleaning.  On the other hand, mesh filters typically consist of layers of stacked metal mesh. However, mesh filters are harder to clean. This is because grease and cooking debris will still cause buildups if not cleaned weekly. Looking for range hood cleaning tips? Check out How To Properly Clean Your Range Hood Filters for great vent hood cleaning tips.