How to BBQ Like a Professional Grill Master

Learning how to grill like a professional takes practice. This is because just like anything else, practice makes perfect. Follow these steps and you will be on your way from joe schmo to pro.


How to BBQ like a Pro - Pick Good Meats

The first step to learning how to BBQ like a pro is to pick good meats. Ask your guests in advance what meats they love, then choose a variety of your own personal favorites. Make sure to select vegetarian options for those that may not eat meat. If you are looking for help on how to find which meats are best, here is a great article on selecting BBQ meat to grill.


BBQ in the Great Outdoors

When choosing your BBQ event location, pick a fun location where you feel your guests will be able to easily relax and have a good time. Maybe you are envisioning your favorite campground, your grandmother's cabin, or your very own backyard. 

Tip: Turn your BBQ event into a full activity and go hiking or camping. Burn extra calories and connect with your guests while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.


Bring Out the Finger Food

What is a BBQ without some delicious appetizers? A party without some good finger food is no party at all. So make sure that while you are heating up the grill you have some appetizers out and ready for your guests as they arrive. This will keep them hungry for more. 


Don't Skip the Dessert

Part of learning how to BBQ like a professional is to be the best host for your guests. So make sure to finish your party the right way and invite your guests to some tasteful desserts. Keep in mind that after a big meal, many of your guests will probably be getting pretty full;  so stick with food items that are light. 


Invest in an Outdoor BBQ Range Hood

If you have an outdoor kitchen, it is recommended by professionals to invest in an outdoor BBQ range hood. Nothing can ruin a party like BBQ smoke and harsh fumes. If you are in the market for an outdoor BBQ range hood, make sure you check out Proline's outdoor BBQ range hood selection.


Keep the Music Playing

Yes, keep the music playing the whole night long. For music you can go the extra mile and ask a friend to serenade your guests on their guitar, or plan on inviting a DJ to come play for you and your guests. If you are feeling extra simple, just stick to making your own BBQ party playlist and connecting your device to a speaker system. 


Hopefully this information helped give you a few ideas on how you can get the party started behind the grill. Make sure to subscribe for more. Join the conversation and stay connected with us on Facebook & Twitter.