What Is A Good Sone Rating For A Range Hood?

Before Learning About Sone Ratings...

A sone rating is a commonly used term you should know about before purchasing a range hood. Many customers want a kitchen that smells nice and is smoke free. However, a concern of many is the noise level of their range hoods.

Unfortunately, many people avoid turning on their range hoods due to the loud noise of their kitchen exhaust fan. However, there are many reasons why having a range hood and using it often is very important. Not only for for the reason of having a clean home but also for your health.

Read 9 Range Hood Safety Facts You Should Know About to learn more. This is also an informative read if you are questioning whether a range hood is worth the investment. After you read that article, come back here and inform yourself about sone ratings. It is recommended to be familiar with both CFM and sone ratings, before purchasing a range hood.

A few important questions to ask yourself before purchasing a range hood would be..

What is a sone, and what qualifies as a good sone rating for a range hood?

What is a sone?

A sone is a single unit of loudness. Sones are commonly used to measure the air noise level of a range hood kitchen ventilation fan. The sone rating of a range hood, is a subjective measure of the loudness of the sound it produces.

Sone levels are also used to measure other environmental or machinery sounds. For the average human with normal hearing, a person may hear a loudness of 1000-hertz at 40 decibels per each sone above their own regular hearing threshold.

What qualifies as a good sone rating for a range hood?

If you are a person that is more concerned with maintaining a more comfortable noise while cooking with your range hood, it is recommended to look for a range hood with average to low CFM ratings of 100 CFM to 300 CFM and sone levels of 1-4.

Keep in mind that many range hoods also come with controls to adjust the range hood fan speed from low to high. Adjusting the range hood fan speeds will also affect the noise level depending on which speed level the range hood is used. Keep in mind, that the higher the fan speed, the higher the sone level will be.

Our Recommendation When Shopping for a Range Hood and Comparing Sone Ratings

At Proline Range Hoods, we recommend purchasing a range hood with a higher CFM rating, as this will only do a much more efficient job at cleaning all air contaminants in your home. However, a more powerful range hood with a higher CFM rating comes with the price of a higher sone rating.

Consequently, this also means more noise while cooking. However, we still recommend that our customers purchase a range hood with a higher CFM from our Proline Range Hoods Professional Range Hood Series. This is because all of these range hoods come with a CFM rating of 900 or more as well as with adjustable speed settings so that one may have more control over the air speed and noise level while cooking.  

We recommend purchasing range hoods with a higher CFM rating because we understand that this way our customers will get the most effective removal of smoke, grease, and toxins.

How do sone levels compare when measuring both sound level and the air blower efficiency of a range hood?

Sone Rating Levels Compared to Noises We Are Familiar With

Below we have shared a chart of common sone ratings to compare with noises we are familiar with. This is because in order to understand how loud a range hood appliance is, we must first have a familiar noise to compare the sone level to.

  • 1 sone rating is approximately equal to the sound of a refrigerator running, or a night in the quite suburbs.
  • A 2 sone sone rating is compared to the same sound level of a calm office.
  • A 3 sone level rating is comparable to the noise of a turned on television or a radio playing at a comfortable volume level.
  • Normal conversations take place at about 4 sones, and conversations with added noise take place at about 5 sones.
  • Quiet restaurants have a sone level of 6 sones with light traffic rates up to around 7 sones.
  • An 8 sone level rating is about the same noise level of regular traffic noise.

When range hood shopping, you will find that some range hoods come with their lowest speed settings at 1 sone. This means that the range hood is very quiet. However, make sure to look at other factors such as the CFM rating. Do this to make sure that your range hood will be powerful enough for the demands of every day cooking.

It's always a good idea to use sones to compare range hood models when you are range hood shopping.  While looking for your next range hood, try to find the quietest hood at normal operation levels.

Or you can take our advice and look for a powerful range hood with a higher CFM rating, and adjustable speed settings, so that you may be able to adjust the noise level. This way, you may make sure your home is both clean, safe, and relaxing.


sone rating chart. Comparing Range Hood Noise Level With Sounds We Are Familiar With.