A 36 Inch Island Range Hood, The Kitchen’s Center

A cooktop located in a kitchen’s island becomes the focal point of that kitchen. It’s the first thing people see when they walk into the room. By installing a stylish new 36 inch island range hood, this central component will update and refresh your entire kitchen.

Benefits of  having a 36 Inch Island Range Hood

An obvious benefit of having a 36 inch island range hood is its convenience.  This allows cooking to be done on the kitchen’s island as well as plenty of extra space for storage. A 36 island range hood would be considered a smaller range hood model size. This in turn, creates more kitchen storage space for you. For most busy households, this allows for meal preparation while families manage other activities while sizzling up some delicious cuisine.

Another great benefit of having a 36 inch island range hood is that it will keep the air in your kitchen clean and free of unwanted odors. It’s not just offensive odors that you want to get out for your kitchen. A good island range hood will also filter unwanted moisture, smoke, grease, and even heat out of the kitchen’s air. You want every visitor in your kitchen to enjoy the wonderful aroma of what’s currently being cooked; not what you had for dinner two weeks ago.

Design Considerations with 36 Inch Island Range Hood

Kitchen design has finally caught onto the fact that a stylish and great looking 36 inch island range hood can take a kitchen from the nice level to a top-notch amazing level. Yes, there are design implications that need to be considered when selecting the right island range hood to really make your kitchen pop.

  • Safety– When the kitchen’s island is made up of one surface level, there must be at least 9 inches of counter space behind the cooktop. This will keep any other occupants near the island area safely far enough away from the cooktop.

  • Size– Measure and get advice from professionals on what the correct size will be for your island range hood. There are many sizes to choose from. The 36 inch island range hood is a great mid-sized option that fits well into most kitchen island spaces.

  • Style– These days there are many incredible styles to choose from when looking for the right 36 inch island range hood for your kitchen. The range hood you choose should match your style. For example, if you’re going for a traditional look, keep the lines of your vent simple and straight, think tent style. If you want to go for a more modern look, sharp angles and even curving glass are very hip. When everything is said and done, you are the one who needs to love the look of your kitchen space.

  • Coordination– A 36 inch island range hood can easily become the focal point of your kitchen. Most island range hoods should coordinate well with other large parts of the kitchen like the appliances and cabinets. Stainless steel has become a very popular choice in kitchen appliances. This is because Stainless steel is durable, matches just about anything, is easy to clean, and is very timeless. Some stainless steel hoods also have tempered glass which adds a unique extra dimension to the esthetic.

  • Esthetics– A 36 inch island range hood will be seen from every angle in your kitchen. This is another vital point to consider when selecting the right one to fit the design of your kitchen. It needs to be practical, but you need to look at it from all different sides and be sure you love it from every angle.

The Right Range Hood Will Pop

When your kitchen becomes includes a gorgeous and stylish 36 inch island range hood, the kitchen’s center will pop. The gorgeous new island range hood. first thing you’ll notice and visitors will notice when they enter the room is that

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