8 Backsplash Ideas To Show Off Your Cooking Space

8 Backsplash Ideas To Show Off Your Cooking Space

Exactly what is it that makes a cooking space more enjoyable, and beautiful? We were surprised to find how much a backsplash can enhance the look of a kitchen, and the significant difference this makes when it comes to showing off your beautiful range hood and kitchen appliances. Let’s face it, when you’re picking your kitchen backsplash, it’s mostly about showing off your cooking zone where you get to be the chef. How do you showcase your personal style? You’re probably wondering what to put on that empty wall above your stove, or possibly just looking for some kitchen inspiration? Whether you prefer a modern seamless design, accent wall, or a metal accent piece, the right backsplash can make all the difference.  Kitchen design lovers, this one is for you. So, sit back, and enjoy as we share our favorite 10 backsplash ideas to show off your cooking space.

Herringbone Tile

backsplash herringbone_tile_backsplash_ideas

( Credit:  Dresser Homes )

Subway Tile

backsplash gray_blue_subway_tile_backsplash_white_kitchen

( Credit:  Susan Serrackd )

Mosaic Tile

backsplash blue_mosaic_tile_kitchen_backsplash_range_hood_cover_white_kitchen

( Credit: Cold Cold Lake )


backsplash brick_backsplash_blue_kitchen_range_hood_insert

( Credit: Architecture Designs )

Stainless Steel

backsplash stainless_steel_backsplash_kitchen_ideas

( Credit: Theyoungrapscallions.com )

Accent Wall

backsplash accent_wall_kitchen_backsplash_white_kitchen_undercabinet_range_hood_white_kitchen

( Credit: Decorpad.com )

Natural Stone

backsplash natural_stone_backsplash_ideas_luxury_kitchen_custom_range_hood_cover

( Credit: Kitchen Remodeling Ideas )

Seamless Design

backsplash seamless_kitchen_backsplash_ideas

( Credit:  Europecinefestival.org )

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